From the desk of James Nolan:

Dear friend,

Our brand – “we write words that sell sh**” (to warm-blooded human beings) – must naturally have two sets of values.

Our values to you – our customer – and your brand, your product, and your service.

And our values to your customers – what they want and how we are to deliver what they want to them.

For both sets, we have chosen alliteration.

To you, we promise:

Trust, truth, and transparency.

To your customers, we promise:

Sense, sensitivity, and sympathy.

Here is the simple formula we follow with our customers:

We are bound together by common interest, namely mutual and sustainable growth. When you make money, we make money.

We cannot do that without trust.

But we cannot have trust without truth.

We will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. And we expect the same from you.

Truth, however, is hard to come by without transparency.

So, we tell you what we are doing, why we are doing it, how it will be done, when it will be done, and what results to expect.

And we stick to this pledge, and the whole formula, inflexibly.

To your customers, we commit to sense, sensitivity, and sympathy.

Sense, of course, refers to how we make sense of them:

How we strive to understand them, through inquiry, research, and analysis.

If we don’t know what makes them tick, we will find out, or find out someone who does, before we ever write a word.

Sensitivity takes us deeper – sensitivity brings us into intimacy with their desires...their cultural affiliations and leanings...and the psychological factors that influence their decisions, both timeless and temporal.

And sympathy is how we connect those dots and connect with them.

We understand them now and communicate with them in their language.

This is how we form our copy on behalf of your customers, and we do not depart from this commitment except to adapt to change, as all writers must be equipped to do.

In sum, to you we promise trust, truth, and transparency.

To your customers, we promise sense, sensitivity, and sympathy.

We have heard, however, that what really brings these values to life is our native charm and semi-good looks, which you will have to book a call to experience.


James Nolan

© 2021. All rights reserved by Warm Blooded LLC.