From the desk of James Nolan:

Dear friend,

We trust you will agree that there is nothing worse than a service business that over-promises and under-delivers.

Or, worse, a two or three person ‘agency’ that sells you a full-suite of services but is expert at none -- one which continues to operate only on the pretense that what you are getting from them is better than what you had, and so for that reason the service must be good enough!

This is not how millionaires are made, and this is a bad way to do business.

Hence, we do one thing and we do it well:

We write copy.

But, if you have read the other letters on this website – shame on you if you haven’t read those first! – you know by now that our view of copy is wholistic.

Copy is the thread that weaves all aspects of a business together.

Copy touches and defines every feature of the customer journey.

It elicits interest, piques desire, drives conversion, and compels customer loyalty.

Your ad is copy. Your sales page is copy. Your product description is copy. Your email is copy. Your brand is copy.

Even your videos and images have copywriting at their core.

And copywriting does not happen in isolation.

Imagine one link in the chain struck from the customer journey – just how different would it be?

How much revenue lost to the mercy of inconsistency?

When you partner with us, you partner with strategic thinkers, creative directors, and, of course, writers.

Anyone can spend a few days on YouTube, absorb the ‘secrets’ of Brunson or Kennedy or Kern, string together a few words for a one-off project and satisfy the requirements of an arbitrary quota.

Many people do this very well and are paid handsomely for it.

But that is not what we want to do.

Our values – see Letter # 2 – force us to aim higher.

We study your business, from top of funnel to bottom of funnel. We study your customers.

We share in your company’s vision and we help you develop and execute it.

We are systematic, and our marketing orientation is long-term.

Five good emails in an imperfect system is a band-aid, not a solution.

Just as a book finished by someone other than the original author will not at all read right to someone who is paying attention.

And, if we know one thing for sure...

Customers are paying more attention now than ever before.

So, if your business and brand are perfect, all its internal organs functioning optimally, then we cannot help you.


If you understand there is room for improvement, and agree that copy, rooted in our brand and values, is what your business is missing, then here is what we can do for you:

  • Creative direction and consultancy
  • Ads, from idea to execution
  • LPs – short and long-form sales letters and VSLs
  • Email optimization
  • Lead magnets, from idea to execution
  • Website copy
  • Direct Mail (a personal favorite)

In short, if it reverts back to the point of sale, and is a reflection of your brand, we will write it.

For businesses in the B2B space, we also offer lead generation through personalized cold outreach – either in isolation from, or as additional to, the services mentioned above.

Take heed, however:

If you do not have a proven product or service – or at the very least a product or service that we REALLY believe in – we regret to inform you that we cannot do business together until you do.

Otherwise, we invite – even encourage you – to click the big ol’ button below to schedule a time to speak with us.


In addition to our brand, values, and services, we thought you might like a list of things we absolutely DO NOT do (ever):

  • Complicate the onboarding process
  • Automatically debit for our services
  • Place our trust in Minimum Viable Products
  • Forget about or miss a deadline
  • Ask you to do work that we can and should do ourselves
  • Diminish your wishes and intelligence in the growth of your business
  • Tolerate internal discord or lackluster performance

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